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Korea, the "Land of the Morning Calm," is a land of opposites existing in conjunction with each other. It combines ancient oriental tradition with modern technology. In downtown Seoul, one can find traces of its 5,000 year history in its palaces, city gates, and temples, yet the country is also a rapidly developing nation in terms of industry, trade, and commerce.

In Korean culture, education is the key to success in life. The school one graduates from can determine whether one will have a successful life. To many Korean parents, the education of their children outweighs all other considerations, and they will make tremendous sacrifices to let their children get the best education possible.



Korea has four distinct seasons. The summers are very hot and the winters are cold. The springs and autumns are the most beautiful seasons.



Korea is a shopper's paradise! Luxury brands, the latest fashions, cosmetics, souvenirs.

Good price with high quality.



Korea is famous for interesting and delicious foods. You are destined to meet commonly found Korean food or international food all around you.



Hangeul (Korean Alphabet)

Traditional Korean Food, Houses,

Music (K pop and traditional), etc...

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